Is your office chair slowly killing you?

If medical experts are giving us so much warning about how deadly cigarettes and alcohol are, they now are adding to that list. And that’s office chairs. You might not know it, but the kind of office chairs that you are using whether at home or in the office might be leading you to your grave.

That may sounds harsh, but that’s really possible. It may not happen in an instant, but it eventually will if you don’t give much attention to your chairs and your sitting position. If you don’t believe it still. Let’s check out, is your office chair slowly killing you?

Things to Check

In order for you to check whether it’s true or not. You might want to see how many of these are true to you.

You feel pain on your lower back, and it connects to your neck. And it does not only happened once. You feel it every single day, after work.

You are starting to feel that your job is stressful. For some reason, not because of your boss or your task. You just don’t feel like working and going to the office in the morning.

You can’t concentrate to the task at hand. You just want to stand up and walk. And you are starting to have a bad posture. Which eventually makes you look older.

If you think you are feeling some of these, then maybe it’s time for you to think about what type of office chair you are using. For all you know, it’s your chair that’s giving you all these negativities at work. Then it’s time for you to change it.

The effects

There’s a good reason why health experts are now starting to remind us about the negative effects of not sitting on the right office chair and they even consider it deadly.

First, having frequent back pains and neck pains would mean that something isn’t good. It may even lead to a more serious back injury if you don’t do something about it. Some people will end up going on surgeries for them to get back their mobility.

Another thing is that, do you know that stress is deadly too? Those who work in a stressful environment are most likely to acquire illnesses that they don’t think they’d have. If you don’t handle stress early on, it’ll probably lead you to depression and other worse things.

Not sitting on the right office chair will also ruin your posture and your looks as a whole. If you tend to slouch when working on long hours, your body will get use to that, and that will manifest to your posture. And not having the right posture will lead to losing your confidence. And lack of confidence will bring more negativity to you.

Maybe it’s time for you to contemplate and assess whether you already need to buy new office chairs. If you don’t know how to get started, you can start by checking some reliable office chair reviews to get an insight about the best office chairs available in the market.